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How To Treat Shingles And The Painful Outbreaks

how to treat ShinglesIf you ever heard of shingles or the varicella virus as it is medically known, then you know how painful it can get. The shingles virus is similar to the chickenpox; you can’t cure it but only make it dormant. If you might suspect that you do have the varicella virus, seek medical attention immediately on how to treat Shingles. The quicker you start treatment the less suffering you will have.

The first line of defense is your family physician; he can prescribe medications to help reduce the symptoms of shingles. He can also advise you of different methods to take care of some of the problems and also some over-the-counter medications that you can take. Whatever medications that he does prescribe be sure and take as prescribed.

Some of the medications that your doctor may advise you on are over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or something like Tylenol for the pain. This will also help with the chills and sweats that also comes with the shingles virus. You may have diarrhea, nausea and have problems urinating, you can get your physician’s advice on what to take for some of the more predictable Shingles symptoms .

As with chickenpox you will have small blisters that have an infection in them and they will burn and itch at the same time. You can use an antihistamine type cream or you could use calamine lotion like you do with poison ivy to help relieve the itching. You don’t want to open up these blisters because they will spread the infection throughout your skin. You can also take an antihistamine like Benadryl to help ease the itching. The burning sensation, use an ice pack or compress several times a day and maybe a inflammatory cream.

Like the chickenpox this is a very contagious virus and if you should get it try your best not to infect anyone else. As with any virus or disease follow your doctor’s advice to help relieve the symptoms till the symptoms has gone away. The shingles virus will not go away completely, but it will lie dormant and as long as you take care and build your immune system up for you will never have another recurrence.

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