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Ibanez Artcore Basic Information

Ibanez Artcore Buying a good quality guitar can cost thousands of dollars if you purchase a premium grade model. Ibanez is an exception however, because it provides premium performance for a fraction of the cots. The Ibanez Artcore 100 is an example of a mid-priced guitar that can compete with the best products on the market. Listed below are some of the benefits of the Ibanez Artcore and how it can be used to save money and create a unique trademark.


The Ibanez is a lot cheaper than the other options in its genre. Buying a Gibson guitar can cost well over a thousand dollars, but the Artcore 100 is only one-third of the price. The ART100 costs about 300 dollars, but the price may go up to 500 dollars if you buy it in a remote area. This price is incredibly cheap compared to other high quality guitars like Fender or Gibson, and the performance is almost the same.


The body and neck of this instrument is made from solid mahogany wood. This high quality wood provides a solid frame so rose wood can be used for the rest of the body. Twenty-two frets are used on the fingerboard and the unique Ibanez logo is put on the bridge and body. This company mainly deals in steel string guitars and electric guitars, but you can also find Ibanez bass guitars for sale.


Playing this great guitar is easy and enjoyable. The sound quality may not match up to a Martin’s or Wizard, but you cannot complain since the instrument only costs 300 dollars. All Ibanez guitars have the same basic characteristics, where the neck is easy to play and instrument has an overall pleasant feel. For its low price, the Ibanez Artcore is certainly one of the best quality guitars you can find on the market.

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