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Imaginative Ways to Use Bamboo Roman Shades

Bamboo roman shadesIt has only been recently that bamboo has been used in the construction of window coverings. Bamboo roman shades operate in exactly the same way as fabric shades in that they roll up into crisp folds when they are raised. When they are not drawn up, they lie flat and add the beautiful and natural tones of wood in the room. They are great for contemporary rooms as they avoid the fussiness of window curtains, but you can also use them in other ways. Here are some of the more imaginative ways to use these bamboo shades.

1. Put one up in your closet instead of a door. If you don’t have room for a door to open up into your room, bamboo shades are a great way to hide whatever is inside the closet in a more casual manner.

2. Put them up to divide a room. Simply mount one or more in the opening that separates two rooms. When you want privacy, you can lower them. When you want additional room, roll them up.

3. When hosting a luau party, put a bamboo shade around a table as a skirt.

4. Bamboo shades are excellent as place mats. Simply trim them down to fit a place setting. Iron on a fabric backing to keep them in place on the table. These make very durable place mats.

5. For a nice present for anyone who invites you over to her house, wrap strips of bamboo blinds around tall candles and use raffia to bind it together.

6. Turn a boring lamp shade into a lovely accent piece by cutting an old bamboo shade to fit the lamp shade and affix it with a hot glue gun. You will have yourself a very woodsy lamp to spruce up your rustic décor.

There are also many uses for bamboo Roman shades outside your home. Put one on the side of your porch that gets the sun most often and you will be able to sit out there even when it’s hot out. Put one on the ground leading from your hot tub to your bar, which will provide a nice walking path for your guests at a backyard party. And, if you want to hide any unsightly fixtures, simply hang one up to block them from view.

With a bit of imagination you can find many uses for bamboo Roman shades. Your decorating solution could just be a piece of bamboo away.

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