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Indoor Rabbit Cages vs Outdoor Rabbit Cages

indoor rabbit cagesA rabbit is really a cute and active pet for the entire family. They like to roam around and play in their cages which is a pure joy for everyone who loves animals.

But when you are faced with a buying decision, you must quickly decide whether you are going to get an outdoor rabbit cage or indoor rabbit cages. Of course, the choice primarily comes down to your climate zone. If you live in a cool area, you probably shouldn’t even think about an outdoor cage unless you want your rabbit to temporarily spend the summers in the garden. This is not a bad idea after all. Unfortunately, rabbits and cleanliness are not very compatible terms. You need to invest quite a bit in advanced indoor cages to keep the smell away. But cleaning litter is something you cannot avoid.

Here, the benefits of outdoor cages outweigh. And rabbits feel happier in the wild nature.
It’s also easier to provide your rabbit with a good cage with ample space if you have a garden. Indoor it gets a bit more difficult as the cage shouldn’t only be large enough but it should also come with the aforementioned hygienic features. A tray for your rabbit’s litter is absolutely a must even though you can train him to be able to collect his feces in a box (you could call it his toilet). It’s quite a bit easier to train cats though as kitties quickly learn how to use their cat litter boxes.

Finally, many rabbit owners buy cages for indoor use that are simply too small. If you don’t want your rabbit to feel unhappy, invest in a larger size. You don’t need to stuff your cage with all sorts of toys from the start. Just stick to the basics and add small fun toys every now and then.

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