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Information About Breeding Discus Fish

Discus fishHaving pets are good for individuals. Nurturing these pets will be quite a challenge for few individuals. All you have to do is give them all the necessary things that are required for pet survival like food and water. On the other hand, breeding these pets will be bothersome, especially if you don’t know the needed circumstances for a triumphant breeding. Fish such as Discus fish, is a perfect example of a very demanding pet when it comes to breeding.

Patience and perseverance are essential keys to breeding fishes, especially this kind of fish. Prior to reproducing your Discus fish, you should bear in mind all the things that should be prepared so as to avoid unnecessary loses. You should have more than one tank. A larger one, approximately 55 gallons or more will do, for raising the potential breeding Discus fishes and smaller ones for seclusion of the paired breeding Discus fish. In raising Discus fishes, you should group about 6-8 Discus fishes in order to have a good breeding pairs. There must be mixture of females and males Discus fish on the group. Establishing the sex of a Discus fish is a very difficult task if you are not knowledgeable about this kind of fishes.

If the female Discus fish is ready to give out its eggs, you should transfer it to a clean corner fish tank where there is an available spawning medium such as a rock, large plastic tube, or a slate. In a couple of days, many small fry will spawn from the egg. Discus fishes are very unique because its small fry will then attach themselves on the skin of the parent Discus fish. The fry do this because of the highly nutritious milky substance secreted on it. Around a week and a half, these fry should be detached from the adult Discus fish skin and should be move to a tank specially made for fry. The discus characteristic will develop around 3-4months.

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