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Jewelry Making Projects: Heart Bracelet

heart braceletJewelry making is a favorite pastime for many. There is a lot to jewelry making: you may get started in it for the love of it and because you want to make customized jewelry pieces for yourself, or perhaps you are interested in taking it one step further and want to own your own jewelry shop. Whatever the case may be, making jewelry can help by offering you a creative outlet, a way to express yourself, and also to make money if you are good at it.

Making a heart bracelet may be one of the first projects on your list. Women love jewelry, and most women love feminine shapes, such as hearts. There are many different ways to make a heart bracelet, but one of the easiest and best ways is to make a charm bracelet. You can use a finished bracelet chain which comes ready for you to attach the charm to, making it the simplest method, or you can go with an unfinished chain. This simply means you have to put the clasp on yourself. The toggle clasps are quite popular for charm bracelets, as they are the easiest to attach, but there are various other types of clasp you can opt for as well.

There are many different sizes of heart charm to choose from, some which come with gems or stones in them, or you can add your own. The options are pretty much endless and it all really depends on the style you are going for and what you want to charge for the bracelet.

A second project to work on is making a silver heart locket.  You simply have to decide on a chain for the necklace and the right silver locket, and attach with a jump ring.  For relatively little effort you end up with an elegant and delightful looking piece of jewelry.

Both the heart bracelet and silver heart locket necklace are both very easy pieces to create and are classic, timeless pieces that any woman would love. They form a great first step into the world of jewelry making.

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