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Large Volume Liposuction

large volume liposuctionIf you are one of many people who spend hours in the gym working out in order to get rid of problematic location with fat and can’t achieve the desired body shape, you may consider a consultation with a plastic surgeon regarding a liposuction surgery. In order to qualify for a liposuction candidate you will need to have an overall good health, an elastic skin and maintained same weight for a certain period of time. Generally the liposuction surgeon can safely eliminate up to ten pounds of fat while a large volume liposuction, so this will not make a big difference if your goal is to lose weight.

In case you are decided to get a liposuction, the first step you should make is to find a good plastic surgeon that is certified with American board of Plastic Surgeons. By this certification you can be sure that the surgeon has at least six years of surgical experience. Ask the surgeon if liposuction is his main area of specialty. And also ask him how many liposuction surgeries he has performed. There are surgeons that perform all kind of surgeries and you want a specialist in his field who will perform the surgery on you.

When you have chosen a skilled surgeon you are comfortable with, you will need to have a complete physical exam. The surgeon will need to know about past surgeries or any kind of health problems that may cause complications during the surgery. You can save time if your current doctor could send your medical history to the surgeon.

You can feel mild pain or discomfort after the surgery because the nerves are healing after the effects of surgery. The recuperation period after liposuction is usually shorter compared to other surgical procedures. If the patient will want to maintain the results for longer time he/she will have to continue work outs and diet programs.

It is also recommendable to find liposuction before and after photos. These can help you understand what you can expect after having a liposuction surgery performed.

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