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Understanding LED Grow Lighting

T5 fluorescent grow lampsGrow lights are simply electric lamps which provide indoor plants with the absolutely necessary artificial sunlight, whether the plants have access to natural sunlight or not. Light is the number one vital need for sustaining nearly all botanical plant life. The main purpose of these grow lamps is to mimic sunlight and provide the plants with the necessary access to energy in order to sustain life. This begins the process of the photolysis of water which helps the plants in the manufacturing of their food.

The four available types of lighting are incandescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, LED grow lighting and T5 fluorescent grow lamps. Each type of lighting has it’s own unique uses and characteristics. The incandescent lamps are known for temperature ranges of low color. They have a life time lasting about seven hundred and fifty hours. The main disadvantage to the incandescent lamp is that it produces more heat than light.

The really great thing about fluorescent lamps is that they will last a long time, between ten thousand and twenty thousand hours. They are also cheaper and use less electricity than other types of grow lamps. Many indoor gardeners are attracted to LED lamps because they have an appealing look and because they use less electricity and have lower heat production than most others. For this reason, they can be placed much closer to the plants, providing them with essential lighting without worrying about depriving them of moisture.

Grow lights are mainly used for food crops, indoor gardens and plant research, especially aquatic plant life. They are useful to the domestic gardener as well as industrial crop growers . With the state of the world today, and the desire to find better renewable energy sources, lower energy consuming lamps are a very acceptable and useful addition to a variety of growers.

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