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Let the Banjo Minnow Fishing System Work for You

banjo minnow fishing systemThere are many ways in which you can use your banjo minnow fishing system to make it work. It is a highly specialized system, and it is crucial that you get to know how it works or how it can work for you. Don’t just let it sit among the other stuff in your trout fishing tackle. As often said, your banjo minnow fishing system is only as good as you are, so come’ on bring it out and let’s experiment on how it can bring you your biggest trout catch.

  • Appeal to the predatory instinct of the trout by making your banjo minnow lure look like a flailing wounded minnow. To do this, use slow, steady retrieve. Cast the lure, and allow it to sink just below the surface. Then slowly, start retrieving it. Try this at different depths.
  • Try dropping the banjo minnow lure at the bottom. Let it rest there as if it were a dead minnow. Then slowly retrieve it.
  • Also try the stop and go method. Cast the line out and let the lure settle just below the surface of the water. Slowly retrieve it then stop for a minute. Try this at different depths.
  • Create a splash by casting out the line, and as soon as the banjo minnow lure hits the surface of the water, retrieve it immediately. This will attract the attention of the trout.

These are just some of the ways that you can toy with your banjo minnow fishing system. If however, you are not content with the results, you are more than welcome to try and experiment with the other things in your trout fishing tackle box. Experiment will be your best teacher, so don’t be afraid to try different methods to make your trout fishing experience a whole lot better.  In the end, whatever makes you happy will determine which method is more effective and efficient.

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