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Pros and Cons of Lingual Braces

lingual bracesThe notable difference between lingual braces and traditional braces are that lingual braces are worn on the inside of the patient’s teeth rather than on the outside. Since they are entirely invisible, they give a welcomed opportunity to adults who have issues with the alignment of their teeth, but who never had the opportunity to have them straightened as a child. Many adults, especially with mens braces, simply do not feel they can cope with visible braces, especially with regard to social situations, and traditional braces are very visible since they are attached to the outside of the teeth. However, lingual braces are affixed to the rear of the patient’s teeth inside the mouth, and therefore are hidden from view.


One of the most notable advantages of lingual braces is that they are hidden from view. This feature provides adults the opportunity to have their teeth straightened without others being aware of the fact that they are wearing braces. The straightening process may take several years; however, during this time an individual can maintain a braces-free smile. These kinds of braces are very popular for the aforementioned reasons, and are even considered by some as a fashion statement. These invisible braces are also manufactured with the patient’s maximum comfort in mind.


Due to the fact that these kinds of dental braces are affixed to the inside of the patient’s mouth, care must be taken when brushing the teeth since the individual will not be able to see his or her braces. Some patients forget to shift the focus of their teeth brushing to the rear of their mouth; however, this is what must be done. The other disadvantage is the fact that lingual braces are much more expensive than traditional braces which are worn in the front. Some individuals report a slight difficulty with speech due to the fact that these orthodontic braces are on the rear side of the teeth, but overall, most men and women are well satisfied with their lingual braces and the results they provide.

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