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Magnetic Name Tags For Clothing

Magnetic name tags for clothesMagnetic name tags can be very useful if you do not want to damage your clothes with pin name tags, since constantly using safety pin name tags can create multiple tiny holes in your clothing that can eventually ruin them.

Name tags and badges are usually made of some type of plastic, although you may get some nametags made with light weight metals. Magnetic name tags for clothes work by attaching magnetic bars or accessories (that you can use on the other of side of your clothes) to name tags and badges fitted with a metal backing like steel. High quality magnetic bars or accessories will stay, even on clothing like sweaters or jackets.

You may get your name badges in several colors and you may also get plain or engraved name badges too. You may choose the size of your fonts or lettering, the design for your name tag and you can get your name badges in unique shapes as well. Reusable name tags can be created for you too if you want. With these you can add any name to your magnetic name badge later on, at your own convenience. You may also want to protect your name tag from scratches with a clear acrylic cover, which will most likely be less expensive to replace than the name tag itself.

Lanyard plastic badge holders are another option you can use without punching holes in your clothing. Lanyards are fabrics or strings (made from cotton, polyester like nylon etc) you can attach to your nametag with a ring, clip, hook or hold. Lanyards may be used with the plastic badge holders used for protecting nametags from damage. Lanyard plastic badge holders will work for big nametags and may be used for smaller ones too. You may wear lanyards with your name tag around your neck. You may get plain or high quality lanyards for your nametags.

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