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Make A Bold Statement With Vinyl Banners and Neon Light Signs

When a new business is opened its owners want people to know they exist, therefore advertising ideas have to be one of the most important aspects of getting the message to the masses. If there is a storefront one of the first things the owner is going to want to invest in is a sign. The sign is going to identify the business and give it the curb appeal that homes give prospective buyers. The sign is going to be the first impression when prospective customers approach the building.

Banners are another method of advertisement. They serve as temporary signs to inform people of new business, upcoming events, and some form of recognition. They message can be in the form of sales, grand openings, going out of business, and other communication. For this use vinyl banners are the most popular. They come in a variety of options:

1. Custom Made with Pictures and Logos
2. Lightweight and Durable Options
3. 3×8 up to 4×20 to Customer’s Specification
4. Hemmed Edges for Grommet Holes
5. Weatherproof Pre-printed Varieties

These signs can be removed easily when they have served their purpose, or reused annually if maintained properly. They should be wiped down with a damp cloth and rolled up with the graphic side up. Orders take just a few days depending on the supplier and the size of the order. Stands are also available for public display at trade shows for instance. The average cost is $20-$25.

Neon light signs are a more complex product and purchased for permanent installation. Most signs are purchased to indicate that the store is open. They otherwise have creative designs to identify the type of store it is, neon clocks, or for beer and lottery notification. Las Vegas is the nations capitol of neon signs, and if it can be done, Vegas has an example of it.

The most energy efficient version is the LED, or light emitting diode which is most widely purchased today. They are more eco-friendly and they last longer. Some other choices buyers can make for neon light signs are:

1. Flexible Rope lighting
2. Programmable LED
3. Sculptures
4. Menu Boards with Back-light
5. Simulated Neon
6. Reflective Mirror System
7. Indoor and Outdoor Boxes

Whichever ends up as the final choice, it will make a bold statement to everyone who passes that says something like, “hey, this is what is going on in here, we are open for business, come on in”.

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