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Modern Bedroom Designs Need Modern Attached Bathrooms

modern bedroom designsDo you live in a bedroom that has is considered one of today’s popular home decor modern bedroom designs? Most people nowadays do, or are looking to have their rooms designed in this way. Many main bedrooms today have attached bathrooms, and the owners want these bathrooms to be as modern as the bedrooms they are attached to. However, designing a modern bathroom is very different from designing a modern bedroom. Bathrooms need to be functional first. This makes them different from modern bedroom designs, which must be relaxing first and functional second. Also, a bathroom cannot be designed to be more relaxing than the bedroom it is attached to. Going about designing a modern bathroom takes a lot of work.

First, the layout of the bathroom must be considered. Where is the sink in relation to the toilet? Is there a tub/shower combo, just a shower, just a tub, or perhaps a hot tub? How big is the bathroom? To make a bathroom seem more modern, more and more interior designers are using basin sinks. These are sinks that do not dip down into the countertop as normal sinks do, but sit on top of the counter, with the faucet hovering above them. These are very stylish and their demand has gone up, therefore they are becoming more affordable all the time. Another popular choice for making a bathroom seem more modern is the use of overhead showers. These are shower faucets that come from the ceiling and pour water straight down, rather than coming from the wall as most shower faucets do. This means the owner can stand directly under the water and be totally covered, rather than having to turn around to wash their backs. Hot tubs are also very popular in modern bathrooms, especially when coupled with a modern bedroom, because they are seen to be so relaxing. While there are many other choices when designing a modern bathroom to go with your modern bedroom, these are the most modern and the most popular.

When designing the attached bathroom to match modern bedroom designs, it is important to consider if the wall color in the bedroom will work well in the bathroom as well. Sometimes, a similar color needs to be used, one which is not quite as relaxing as the one used in the bedroom. For example, a darker blue or lighter green is typically used, to ensure the bathroom is not as relaxing as the bedroom, but is still relaxing and modern.

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