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Nail Technician Home Courses

nail technician home coursesIf your biggest reason for skipping the regular pedicures at the salon is the concern over harsh products or contaminated footbaths, there is a solution that will allow you to indulge in regular pedicures without worry. When you do your own pedicures, you can choose the products you feel good about and save money while doing it! All of the products you need for a quality pedicure are readily available at the local discount store.

The best nail polish remover for the job is one which contains no drying ingredients such as alcohol or acetone. Many polish removers contain fortifying natural ingredients that help make nails healthier but stay away from those with an oil base since this can interfere with the application of your polish. If you use dark nail polish that is more difficult to remove, lemon juice is all you will need to make nails whiter!

Purchase straight-edge toenail clippers to cut nails to the proper length and a nail file to smooth edges and to add a slight curve to the edge of nails. Always file in one direction rather than back-and-forth to prevent weakening the nail.

A foot bath is a necessity for soaking feet in Epsom salts. You can also use an herbal foot bath or add milk to the water to soften and smooth feet. After the soak, dry feet thoroughly. You may choose to add cuticle cream before using an orangewood stick to push cuticles away from the nail.

Use a pumice stone to remove dried, rough skin from feet and then add a moisturizer that contains no perfumes, parabens, or alcohol. Now that your feet are ready, you are ready to add the polish. You may choose to use separate base coat, color, and top coats or choose a polish that combines all in one formula. The result is a great pedicure that will soothe feet and look great too!

Many people have turned their interest in pedicures into a successful career.  Schools like Griffin Technical College offer nail technician home courses that can help you hone your skills to convert your passion into cash!

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