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Nikon D7000 Review Faster Shutter Speed

Nikon D7000 reviewAs I’ve taken more and more pictures throughout the years, I’ve come to realize there have been many perfect action shots that I’ve missed because I didn’t have the right camera. One of the best cameras on the market for action shots is the Nikon D7000. The D7000 has much faster shutter speeds than all its forbearers and most of its competitors. This Nikon D7000 review details why you don’t ever want to be without the right camera when the perfect action shot comes up. And I’m not even a guy who takes many action photos, which is probably why I missed these shots.

First, I remember being in Cusco, Peru watching the native dancers in their traditional dress. I took picture after picture only to have every single one of them turn out blurry. Those dancers danced quite fast. Another time my wife and I were at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle where they throw fish. My wife was invited to catch a fish. After some reluctance, she put on the apron and went behind the counter. The fishmonger threw her a salmon. Just as she was catching the fish with her eyes and mouth wide open, I snapped the perfect shot. I was so excited. Until I looked at the shot a few seconds later to see the blurry streak running across the whole picture with no semblance of a salmon to be found. Another time I was on a canoe in the Amazon jungle in Peru. Our guide motioned for us to be quiet. Moments later a troupe of forty squirrel monkeys passed by us launching from tree to tree at 150 feet above the forest canopy. I snapped picture after picture only to have every picture turn out blurry. I could only make out brown fuzz balls in between the trees. Then there was the time when the grizzly bear was charging me. OK, I’m joking about the bear.

Seriously, though, you don’t want to miss the perfect shot only because you don’t have the right camera. The Nikon D7000 makes it so you don’t miss that perfect shot. Really high shutter speed means no blurry pictures. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Make sure you are well-equipped with a Nikon D7000 so you don’t miss that perfect shot.

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