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Non Prescription Colored Contacts

non prescription colored contactsAre you looking to make your next Halloween costume pop? Wish you had deep blue or hazel eyes? Have you considered colored contact lenses? There are several options available to you and here’s how.

Your first step is the most important one. You must see a professional. Even for colored contacts you need to have a prescription, even if you have perfect 20/20 vision. If the place you choose to purchase your contacts from does not require a prescription, this is a sign to take your business elsewhere since getting non prescription colored contacts might not be legal. A good vendor will require a prescription, even for contact lenses for cosmetic reasons. You can of course bypass all this and order online, no prescription required. Not only is this illegal, but not a safe option.

If you have perfect vision, then your prescription will be called zero powered or non-corrective contact lenses. This prescription is usually given to you after you after you have seen an ophthalmologist for your first contact lenses fitting.

When you have your fitting, the ophthalmologist will perform an examination of your eyes, and may ask you to try on different types of contact lenses. You many need to return for additional checkups after wearing your lenses. This is just a precaution to ensure everything is fine. After about a year, you will need to return to your doctor for a new fitting, and new prescription for contact lenses.

Now why do you need to go through the process of seeing a professional, getting a prescription, and making follow up visits? You need to do this to make sure that everything is fine and you are not having problems with your contacts. Contacts, even colored ones are safe, but they are a type of medical device, and like any medical device, there is a possibility for health risks. A very small percentage of the population wearing contact lenses will get an eye infection or ulcers on the corneas. If not treated, this can develop into loss of vision. This is why you need to have regular checkup to prevent injuries or serious infections.

Like snowflakes, everyone is different. This also includes people’s eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different, and a prescription from your doctor will reflect this. Your prescription will be unique, based on your eyes and your eyes alone. Learn more about how to get low cost contact lenses today.

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