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Norpro Stainless-Steel Citrus Juice Press

Juicing a lime or any citrus fruit for that matter doesn’t need to be bulky. A Norpro Stainless-Steel Citrus Juice Press will suffice. Designed attractively with its 18/10 stainless steel finish, it proves to be sturdy enough to last several years of robust use. And considering its professional weight, it comes very convenient to use as well.

This type of manual citrus juicer comes with an extra long handles that gives added leverage to squeeze every drop of juice from oranges, lemons, and limes. This is commonly used for whipping up batch of fresh cocktails or adding flavors to some mouth watering cuisine. We can’t deny the fact that citrus fruits are essential ingredients in our kitchen may it be for cooking or as a plain fresh orange juice for drinking. Norpro Stainless-Steel Citrus Juice Press works by squeezing citrus fruit with the help of its long leverage while allowing the extract to pass through its small holes and filter its pulp and its seeds. With this smart way of manual juicing, it allows you to produce more juice with minimal effort.

While others may complain of squirting the juice all over the place every time they do the juicing, one must bear in mind that it takes some common sense to avoid these mess. To operate this traditional hand held juicer, all you have to do is to face the cut part down in the press and not facing towards you. This way, the juice that it squeezes will be contained on the gadget directing it into its holes. Hence, you will be able to save every single drop of the juice.

After use, this type of kitchen tool comes so easy to wash and store. Considering its 9 X 3 X 3 inches size, it resembles other kitchen utensils. Hence, whether you opt to clean it with a dish washer or prefer to wash it by hand, it doesn’t really matter. Best of all, you can just store it on the drawer saving a lot of space on your kitchen counter tops.

So, now that you know that juicing doesn’t need to trouble you with so much complexity, then you may as well try using Norpro Stainless-Steel Citrus Juice Press and let your $24.19 budget last for years.

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