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Nuheart and Valuheart for Dogs

Valuheart for DogsThere is a common misconception about heartworm disease. Many pet owners believe that it is not a serious condition among dogs. But the truth is, there are already a great number of dogs that have suffered and died from such a dreadful disease. These worms might kill your dogs slowly, consuming all the nutrients found in the dog’s blood. But may also strike suddenly and block important blood vessels in the heart and lungs, thereby causing a heart attack or severe respiratory distress.

That’s why people are indeed very thankful for the affordable treatment options available in the market today. You don’t have to waste any more money for the more expensive drugs like Heartgard Plus. Practical choices for heartworm treatment are Valuheart and Nuheart for Dogs. These are generic versions of the more famous drug called Heartgard. Nuheart, Valuheart, and Heartgard all contain the same ingredient. They possess ivermectin, which is widely known to be very effective against heartworms. Ivermectin causes neural damage on the parasite’s larvae. With this, paralysis can be experienced by the parasites which will most likely lead to death. This is the secret to stopping further increase in the heartworm population. Nuheart and Valuheart are indeed as effective as Heartgard Plus and other branded options. These drugs can be bought for just half the price of Heartgard.

You can already have a 6 month supply of Valuheart heartworm pills with just $20. Isn’t this amazing? Valuheart for Dogs is more like the traditional kind of medicine. It does not have any added meaty flavor. Although it may be a little difficult to administer to dogs, it is indeed quite effective in fighting off the heartworms.

On the other hand, Nuheart comes in a tasty meat flavor. Dogs really love the taste of this drug. In fact, it is more like a dog treat than a medicine when it comes to the taste. It can easily be given to dogs since it has quite a pleasant taste. Moreover, it can also be dissolved in water. Nuheart is one of the less common soluble heartworm pills. Just mix it with water and dogs can take it in without even realizing that they have already swallowed a dose of Nuheart.

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