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OEM Versus Aftermarket AYP Lawn Parts

AYP lawn partsAmerican Yard Products (AYP) has been producing lawn mowers, tillers as well as land and garden tractors for some of the top homeowner brands since 1971. AYP currently operates under the Sear Craftsman brand and supply lawn and garden equipment for Sears, Husqvarna, Weedeater, Poulan, Yard Masters, Roper and Wizard. Several decades ago, most lawn mowers were operated manually. Working on your neighbor’s lawn during the summer with such a lawn mower for a couple of dollars was not only tiresome, but it was also incredibly boring. As the years rolled by, lawn mower manufacturers upped their game and introduced motorized machines as a replacement for the manually operated lawn mowers.AYP manufactures top of the range outdoor machines and their OEM replacement parts which guarantees users of the best in mowing experience. Just like any other appliance that you may have in the house, lawn mowers also need constant repairs and scheduled maintenance which might include the replacement of several parts.

It is important to seek out Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) when shopping for lawn parts. This is purely because these parts are designed to be a perfect fit for the lawn mower in question. Some of the most sought after parts for AYP lawn mowers include:

• Bushings and bearings

• Blades

• Belts

• Drive parts

• Carburetor Kits

• Gas caps

• Fuel lines

• Ignition switches

• Idler pulleys

Many manufacturers discourage the use of aftermarket lawn mower parts largely because they might not be designed for that particular lawn mower. OEM parts are built with specific tolerances for a particular function and they last a tad longer than the cheap aftermarket parts. The lawn mower when fitted with OEM parts from AYP will perform within its stipulated engineering limits and produce much better results. These parts also come with added benefits of technical and training services. Suppliers of aftermarket parts will rarely offer this kind of services. The manufacturer also guarantees the availability of the parts for a long time to come in addition to a speedy delivery which greatly reduces downtime for your lawn mower. Cheap aftermarket or externally ordered lawn mower parts will never perform at par with the OEM parts. If anything, they can and do lead to unexpected breakdowns which result in costly repair undertakings. In addition, they present a bad fit for the machine in question. OEM AYP lawn parts are guaranteed to perform well and last long since the manufacturer has a shared responsibility and vested interest in the competitiveness of his brand.

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