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Off the Shoulder Tops

off the shoulder topsThe shoulders create a significant impact in establishing an image of either frailty or strength.  Any person would have an immediate impression of strength if he projects a relatively broad set of shoulders.  On the other hand, if a person would have a somewhat drooping shoulder, it connotes lack of energy or weakness.  Similarly, if the shoulders seem to be inclined to lean forward, it immediately encourages interest and may usually be observed if one is playing unblocked games on their computer or console.

The shoulders also create a significant impact on the aesthetic value of any clothing if it is exposed.  It provides an impression of what is just enough skin to leave for the eye to savor and drives attention to the person’s face already.  This may be the reason why a lot of people are very much into wearing off the shoulder tops.

It can be observed that among all designs, stars and celebrities choose to bare at least a shoulder for any occasion.  It can be appropriate for the affair if the dress would show off the shoulders and be conservatively clad for the entirety of the body.  The same is true that even if the textile to use is transparent, one can be conservatively covered in lace and yet still show the right amount of skin, or at least a glimpse of it that may leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer.

Truly, this is the reason why off the shoulder tops rank the highest in the most commonly used designs.  It is a very versatile design that offers an entirely different image of a person using it, providing a different phase to every textile and highlighting its assets in the best way possible.  Since it started decades ago, it definitely is something to look forward to in the future.

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