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Our Ovulation Calendar Made It Happen

ovulation calendarIf you asked my husband what an ovulation calendar was, he probably would not have a clue. But yet, both times we conceived babies, it was because of the help of mine whether he knew it or not. I always looked mine up every month to check which days we should aim to have intercourse. In the beginning I would tell him, but after awhile it became apparent that he preferred not to know. He liked it better when I just approached him and we had fun in the bedroom. I think it had something to do with feeling a little bit of pressure to “perform”, even though he never had an issue in that department before. We always had fun together when we were getting frisky, but somehow after we decided we were going to try for a baby, it became a little stressful for the both of us. We would hang out in bed together afterwards and we would talk about what to name the kid that we were trying to create. We never agreed on any names, but we knew eventually we would come up with something.

It is funny how most couples begin trying for a family about five years after college. That is how it happened for our group of friends anyway. Everyone started trying around the same time, and then babies started to be born around the same time too. It was neat getting together at different gatherings throughout the years because people would talk about who would be next. I never wanted to name our kids the same names that our friends named theirs, so we kept having to come up with new ideas. Our son’s name came easily to us, but when we found out after I started experiencing the early signs of pregnancy that we were having a girl, we had a tough time choosing her name.

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