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Panama City Beach Condo Rentals

Panama City beach condo rentalsI’ve been vacationing in Florida ever since I was a little girl of about ten years old and was living in Toronto with my family. Many Canadians spend the cold winters in the southern U.S. or else they venture even further south–Mexico. Many Canadians just can’t deal with the snow and the freezing rain from January until March and they fly somewhere South until it lifts. The first time I went to Florida with my family, we rented a motor home and we drove from a suburb of Toronto to Clearwater Beach in three days.

I remember thinking that although it was a little warmer there and the place was spotted with palm trees, certainly the landscape should’ve changed more. I recall sitting in the motor home staring outside as we drove and saying aloud, “I wish we were in the real Florida” at which point my entire family laughed and thought that I’d just said something adorably cute. I was truly expecting to see the coast and the beach and I didn’t see it that first night because we stayed quite a way inland. We parked our camper near Disney World at a Flintstone themed place called Pebblestone Park Camp Ground and we slept in our camper there.

I can’t complain about any of this because my sister and I had a terrific time and found plenty of things with which to amuse ourselves. But what I was expecting upon arrival was less land and wooded settings and more sun and sand; more along the lines of what you’d find around Panama City beach condo rentals. But we weren’t staying at anything like Panama City beach condo rentals. We were camping in the woods with a bunch of other people who had also driven campers from far and wide, somewhere across the continent.

To be honest, renting the camper was fun enough in and of itself. I didn’t even need the Disney feature to be part of the whole trip. It was being in the camper I remember most. Unlike most children, when I was young, I would typically get stomach knots whenever I attended a theme park. I was afraid of scary rides and I knew that my sister would beg me to go on them with her. But I was terrified of them or I should say that my biggest fear when I was a kid, wasn’t night or getting lost or dying. My biggest fear was throwing up. I used to worry about throwing up constantly. I was convinced that if I went on a scary ride, I would hurl.

I wanted no part of that. Amusement parks didnt’ excite me as much as they frightened and alarmed me. That’s why Disney—the ultimate theme park–didn’t thrill me when I was that age. Being with my family in the camper and having my mom make us food and sleeping in a cool campground with a lot of fun things to do, was the fun part as far as I was concerned. The entire journey to Florida took us three days to get down there and three days to return. I’m sure it was fairly expensive with gas and mileage adding up. It probably wasn’t any cheaper than booking a room at one of those Panama City beach condo rentals. I have very fond memories of that trip with my family. There are several highlights that stand out in my mind. None of them have to do with staying at Panama City beach condo rentals but one is that I got to miss about four days of school. What else is there in life that’s better than that?

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