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Pastry Chef Salary

pastry chef salaryA typical day in the pastry chef’s life is anything but typical, you may be called upon to do a variety of many tasks ranging from cooking to administrative and logistical. This career field is in high demand due to its specialized nature and great pastry chef salary. A pastry chef’s duties may include overseeing junior staff members and ensuring that they are preparing foods quickly and correctly as well as teaching the skills and knowledge needed to become a good pastry chef. Pastry chef’s are also responsible for developing new and creative desserts and pastries from basic ingredients. Even some chef’s that have had the dream of becoming a chef in five-star restaurants and upscale bistros have trouble adjusting to the long hours that are involved in this career field.

For instance a pastry chef is expected to arrive to the restaurant or bakery hours before any other staff members to prepare the day desserts, breads and pastries. On a normal day an executive chef may work as much as fourteen hours well into the night with little or no breaks at all. Among the world’s top pastry chef’s with a top paying pastry chef salary, you will find some self taught practitioners who have learned the skills and knowledge through on-the-job-training experiences, as well as the formally trained chef’s who have gained their skills through traditional culinary institute education. Regardless of which scenario may benefit you and your situation, you will significantly increase your chances of becoming a pastry chef with a good pastry chef salary if you have already accumulated schooling from the many pastry chef schools available as well as some basic kitchen or bakery knowledge. There are many schools to choose from, in a culinary arts program you will gain practical experience in the kitchen while studying the business side of the culinary career field.

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