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Herrera Aqua: Similar to Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce and Gabbana Light BlueHerrera Aqua for men by Carolina Herrera was launched in 2005 and focuses around the concept of a man with a spirit as free as the water. The structure is composed of classic aromatic notes, which are fresh enough to suit in almost every situation. The official ingredients declared in Carolina Herrera website are: bergamot, mandarin, bamboo leaves, lavender, cardamom, neroli, musk, amber and vetiver.
The opening is very fresh and aquatic, as of soft citrus of a classic cologne, with also classic notes of lavender. In the middle notes the fresh traditional notes change in favour of a sweet aroma, in the line of green herbs, or a soft non-red hot spice, probably cinnamon. There are floral notes in the background – growing more intense, and complementing the sweet layers – within the family of florals with aromatic incense, sandalwood and guaiac wood, and possibly cardamom. The overall feeling is of a mix between floral and aromatic wood, common in other masculine fragrances like Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. The final is a soft blend between a fruit layer of bergamot and floral side of orange blossom. Over these notes there is a sweet feeling of water mixed with amber and musk.

The opening of this Herrera Aqua for men is fresh and somehow unexpected, but makes this fragrance perfect for a daily summer use,. The general style is on the verge of classic, without being too traditional, thanks to the lavender note, which is more clean than traditional. Also, the sweet notes give it a young attitude, great for an office environment. For a night use it feels pleasant (again, summer would be preferable). On the romantic side, although it was not designed to seduce, it is masculine enough to be attractive in a first-date situation.

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