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Practical and Easy Pop Up Tent

pop up tentIt can be very frustrating at times trying to put up a tent, especially if it is at night or the weather is bad. The best and simplest type of tent that needs virtually no assembling is a pop up tent.

With a pop up tent there are no poles to wrestle with and try to figure out where to put them. You do not even necessarily need to follow the instructions when erecting them as they are fairly intuitive and easy to assemble.

These small pop up tents are not only useful to take with you on camping trips, but they are great to take along with you when you go on different excursions to the park or to the beach. They enable you to quickly get out of the rain, should a sudden rainstorm hit and they also provide you with shelter from the sun. Plus you have the added advantage of privacy for changing at the beach, if you need it. Of course, you do want to make sure that any tent you take with you really is quick and easy to put up.

There are a lot of different pop up tents available these days, however one that many campers like to use is the Argos pop up tent. As the instructions say, it really is extremely easy to put up and it is very light which is a plus when you have to travel with it.

You will find the Argos tents are available in an assortment of different colors and patterns ranging from the more somber camouflage and plain colored tents, to those sporting a bright and very noticeable cow print! Of course, you may want to stick to taking canvas camping tents for those more dangerous or exacting camping trips, but if you are looking for a simple, easy to assemble, no fuss tent for a shorter trip you cannot find anything much more simple than a pop up tent.

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