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Preparing for Rhinoplasty Recovery

rhinoplasty recoveryPreparing for a revision rhinoplasty may be just similar with a primary rhinoplasty only the preparation for your mind will not be similar as well with the expectations. The rhinoplasty risks and rhinoplasty recovery may also be the same but some aspects of the journery may differ.

You can actually seek the help of your insurance company to shoulder the revision rhinoplasty prices and other expenses it will entail. This is most applicable to cases that already causes harm to the health of the patient. You may do this by asking for a letter from your new surgeon, if you looked for one, to make your insurance company understand about your predicament.

You must also ensure that your nose have fully healed from the first procedure. Expect that most surgeons will not agree to the procedure when they see that your nose is still within their healing timeline.

Similar with your first rhinoplasty procedure, you must avoid certain medications before your procedure. Habits like smoking must definitely be avoided weeks before the revision rhinoplasty because it was already proven that it affects the healing of a patient who had a surgery and can hamper rhinoplasty recovery.

Your expectations must also be more realistic now. You also have to accept the fact that no matter how much you wanted it, a surgeon will not be able to restore the previous look of your nose. Even if you show him or her how your nose used to look like, he or she cannot rebuild it to how it looked before since modifications have already been made to it and some bones, cartilage and skin may have already been removed from it.

Also, be prepared that your revision rhinoplasty recovery will take almost a year which is longer than a primary rhinoplasty. This is because more grafting has been done to recreate a good enough nose for you.

Be more open minded that the surgeon will not be able to bring back the previous look of your nose nor make it into something that you would really like. He or she may only be able to redo it into something that you can accept but not really want. Read more about plastic surgery prices click here  –

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