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Printed Water Bottles Make Great Advertising

Printed water bottles make great advertising for an organization. Though they are commonly used by health and fitness organizations, nearly any business can benefit from having their company symbol or name added to such an item. They do not cost much more than plain containers and serve as a reminder of what your organization does or has to offer.

Using such items at large sporting competitions, such as road races and events where plenty of fluids are consumed is a great means of advertising for corporate sponsors. Athletes and spectators will see the name over and over, which is great for additional exposure. This is a great product for advertising, because it is likely to be used again after the event, when the athletes or participants take the items home.

For sports organizations, advertising in this way is a means of promoting good health, by encouraging people to drink more fluids.  It is a much better way of providing hydration for competitors, than offering cans or bottles of sport drinks and soft drinks. It will encourage younger spectators to make healthier choices in drink options as well. It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of drinking water, especially drinking water to lose weight.

Using logo water bottles is a great way to encourage others to consider environmentally friendly options in food and drinks. It is reusable and is simply washed after each liquid or refilled. Cans, paper cups and glass is eliminated, which means less waste to landfills.

Products come in a variety of options and price ranges. A simple plastic container in white with black letters can be purchased for less than $1 each.  For special events or as rewards for athletes and sports competitors, a stainless steel or aluminum option is also available, at around $3 each. Having extra products on hand will allow the organization to earn some additional profits, as many people are willing to pay up to $10 or more for such items.

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