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Promotional Lanyards Are Great for Business

Promotional lanyards are very popular items when it comes to effectively getting the name of your business in front of the public. Everyone is familiar with those items given out by various companies that include a logo or contact information. Sometimes it is a pen that is likely to get used once and then is lost forever. Maybe it is a bottle opener that never quite makes it to the location where it would actually get used. You put so much effort into planning the marketing for your business. Why not put your name or logo on something that people can actually use?

A lanyard is a strap or cord that is usually worn around the neck and is typically designed to carry things like ID badges, keys or eyeglasses. Customized lanyards can be ordered in any length and they are available in a wide variety of colors. You can choose from any number of different attachments like metal swivel hooks or split rings or badge clips. There are also a number of optional attachments for your consideration including rubber rings to hold bottled drinks, badge holders that are retractable and connectors for cell phones.

Many custom lanyards are manufactured to break apart should they become caught on something or yanked by someone. This type of safety lanyard is especially attractive if it is intended for use in a work environment that features a lot of machinery with moving parts.

Once you have chosen the color and attachment type, you need to decide what you want printed on your lanyards. You might go with just your company name, your company logo or even a phone number or website address.

The next time you need affordable and effective promotional items that will also be useful, look into the various options for promotional lanyards.

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