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Purple Rug Or Black Shag Rug

black shag rugMany people use rugs to create a certain look in a room. There are many options when it comes to these floor coverings. A purple rug is a bold addition that is great for modern decors. A black shag rug is unique and will match a variety of styles.

Choosing the right Rug

There are many things to keep in mind when looking at rugs. Finding the right one may take some time, but doing some research will pay off in the long run. Consider the color scheme of the room. The colors of the rug and the room must match. Certain colors go better together. Earth tones such as blues, browns, and greens tend to go nicely together. Bright colors are a bold addition, and go best with rooms that have a modern decor.

Additional considerations:

Take careful measurements of the room. Some rugs cover the entire floor from wall to wall. Others are small and used as accents. Texture will vary, short fibers have a clean and flat look. A shag rug has long fibers resulting in a more wild appearance. Some will have patterns or shapes in their design. Find one that is interesting and matches well with the rest of the home.

Where to Purchase Rugs

Most people prefer shopping in person as opposed to online. Looking a rugs in a retail store will allow the consumer to have an accurate idea of the colors and textures. While online retailers will try to take high quality photos of the rugs, there can still be a difference once it is actually in the home.

A rug can be an excellent addition to any home. Do plenty of research before settling on the right one. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

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