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Quick Guide to Making Money by Focusing

When you want to reach success, you can only do so if you focus your efforts. Making money is great goal but that won’t happen if you spread yourself too thin. Using the shotgun approach is great for hitting many different topics at once but competition wise, you’ll be beat in many areas. People that are focuses their efforts like lasers at your keywords will rank better and thus make more than you. If you want to actually see progress, you have to cut the fluff.

Stop checking your stats compulsively every day. It is only a waste of time because no one is going to visit your new site in the beginning anyway. Researching is fine as long as you put in some work every day. The important thing is to get started. If you do nothing but plan, you won’t get anything. But if you at least do some work, you’ll eventually see progress over time. Writing posts and letting them sit on your webpage for awhile will help them age with time.

The next step is to thin out your sites, take away the nonproducers for now, and focus on one site. Pick what you’re most interested in writing about and write away. It may be hard to focus at first but trust me, getting ranked at something is better then trying to rank everywhere and seeing little results over six months.
After a few months have passed, then you can analyze your sites and check the traffic and adsense stats. How much revenue is it producing? How about the traffic? How is your site monetized? Have you tried experimenting in order to increase CTR? Have you been linkbuilding steadily? If so, then the results from the last few months will surprise you. Constant vigilance is the key to success. Only by doing the work, can you increase your income and thusly make money.

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