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Making Smart Choices About RV Solar Power

rv solarSolar panels is probably the most popular alternative energy source. Chances are you already used solar panels at some point in your life. Despite having a proven technology for decades, solar panels still do not have a considerable share of electricity generation market. It is due to high prices and some other drawbacks. Do you consider going solar and taking advantage of solar energy? Learn how to approach it smart and possibly save money on your solar electrical system.

There are plenty of small solar toys and accessories available on the market and this could be your place to start. It would be perfect for a newbie to get hands on experience with small solar panels first. Maybe you won’t like the idea at all and it will save you plenty of money (imagine the horror of spending $15,000 for roof solar panels just to discover that “it’s not for you”). The next step could be something like rv solar system. If you have a trailer, it’s a great practice to install a solar panel on it.

Alright, enough small scale, time for the real one! Any household solar electric system will require a solar panel. The easiest and fastest way is to go and buy one. Like always it’s also the most expensive way to get a solar panel. If you are good with soldering and could build a wooden frame, then consider making a solar panel yourself. Buy individual solar cells and solder them together, secure on a frame and you have your solar panel. It’s really not that difficult.

For sure you will need an inverter, because type of electricity generated by solar panels is different from the one which your house devices could operate on. Household electrical system runs on alternating current electricity, while solar panels generate a direct current. Inverter is a device which is designed to transform one type to another.

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