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Schools Are Making Use Of a Dry Erase Whiteboard

dry erase whiteboardAs soon as I got home, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the dry erase whiteboard hanging on the kitchen wall. On it, beautifully and artistically made, were the words “We love you, Daddy!” I felt lucky to have sweet kids and a supportive wife. We got this board about a week ago. Every day since then, we have used to send little notes and greetings for each other. Getting our own dry erase whiteboard was my eldest daughter’s idea. She said that, in school, dry erase whiteboards are being used for a lot of purposes. In fact, they can be found almost everywhere on campus.

A dry erase whiteboard is the first thing one will see upon entering the campus. His particular board is large and is positioned at the center of the hallway wall. On it, various announcements, reminders and information can be perused. Half of the board is reserved for posting posters, pamphlets, booklets and flyers. This is facilitated with the help of magnetic board holders. The other half of the board is delegated for writing down various school-related information. Dry erase whiteboards such as these are utilized by schools for disseminating important information throughout campus. The location is ideal for being successful in grabbing the attention of teachers and students.

A dry erase whiteboard can also be seen in every class room in school. Gone are the days when black boards dominated the campus scene. Nowadays, in their place are these dry erase whiteboards. These boards are now the most popular tools used during lectures and discussions. Teachers prefer them because they afford more convenience, especially for writing legibly. Students favor them over black boards because they do not have the ability to trigger allergic reactions due to regular exposure to chalk dust. These boards are also excellent substitutes for projector screens, if the latter is unavailable. They serve the purpose as effectively, owing to their flat, smooth and white surfaces.

Dry erase whiteboards can also be spotted along the football field. These boards are being used for keeping track of scores. As well, a dry erase whiteboard is allotted for each team. This is where they can plot their moves, concoct their plays and formulate their strategies. Coaches use these boards to clearly illustrate their ideas to their team members. Sometimes, these dry erase whiteboards are also used by students for highlighting some game statistics or giving attention to the exemplary performance of some team players.

Dry erase whiteboards have indeed come a long way. Previously, they were just mere aids in school, coming in only second to the popularity of black boards. Now, a dry erase whiteboard is the main tool. It is used for a host of purposes due to its functionality and versatility. Some of these boards even come in wheeled contraptions – a variety that is extra versatile because they can be easily transported to practically any location in school. These boards have definitely made a difference in the way things are done and accomplished my students and teachers.

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