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Selling Antique Pocket Watches

pocket watchesAntique pocket watches are highly in demand. Collectors love them and a good number of collectors have an extensive collection of antique pocket watches for men and women. The very first pocket watches were created in the 15th century and if you have one of these you will be able to sell them for a large amount especially if it is still in working condition. Gold and silver were the usual materials for pocket watch cases because they were very valuable and continue to still be valuable. If you have a huge collection of pocket watches and you do not have any room for them, it might be time for you to sell some of them. Here are the things you can do when selling pocket watches.

If you are already a collector, then chances are you know a lot about pocket watches already. If you do not know much, research is a must. Read about the various styles of pocket watches, the various brands and manufacturers. There are various notable names in watch making and you should get to know them all. It is also best to read about the most popular and most in demand pocket watch models. You can read books, as well as read articles on the Internet. A good book to start with is “Collector’s Encyclopedia of Pendants and Pocket Watches” by Jeanenne Bell.

Start your very own website about pocket watches. Contact your ISP for web hosting services. Make sure that your website is attractive and informative. People love to read little bits and pieces about the things they want to buy. Promote your website by emailing your friends. Take pictures of the pocket watches you intend to sell and get good angles. Upload them to the website, include information and out the exact prices you want for them. Make sure that you have a PayPal account for payments.

Aside from hosting your own site, you can also post pictures and information about the pocket watches you are selling on various websites like EBay, Craigslist and many more.

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