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Shopping Naot Shoes Sale

Naot shoes saleYou may be going back and forth about making your purchase of Naot shoes.  They certainly are pricier than a lot of other brands out there.  Let me tell you why I found Naot’s shoes to be so worth the cost that I’ve ended up buying two pairs (so far!).

First, the comfort of these shoes is amazing.  I’ve always had feet that are difficult to fit.  They’re a bit wider than usual, and my toes seem to be a bit longer and more “square-shaped,” making rounded toed shoes uncomfortable and sometimes painful to wear for long periods of time.  These shoes fit my feet perfectly.  They’re actually the only pair I’ve worn that doesn’t squish my toes—even my Nike running shoes tend to be too rounded, and push my little toes inwards.  They’re also plenty wide for my feet to spread out completely in, without wobbling around.

The pair that I bought was the Matai Mary Jane.  I love this style!  I got it in plain black, and have found myself wearing it pretty much every day.  It’s stylish enough to wear with a skirt, and casual enough that I can wear it with jeans.  Plus, I work on my feet most of the day, and this has been a great shoe for at work, as well.

I loved the first pair of Naot’s so much that I found myself looking through their other styles.  They really do have just about every style you could look for.  My first pair was so comfortable, and worn so often, that I didn’t mind at all paying the price for a second pair.  With colder weather on the way, I decided to go for a pair of Naot boots.  I absolutely love the Naot women’s Illusion style, with it’s chain-link design going down the side.  It’s got just enough of a riding boot style to look tough and practical, with just enough of a sleek heel to look super fashionable.  Even though I found a decent Naot shoes sale, it’s definitely on the expensive side for what I’d normally pay for a pair of boots, since I usually buy cheap shoes online.  But I absolutely love wearing these, and don’t plan on buying another pair of boots for years now that I’ve got these ones.

It may be hard, at first, to believe all of the amazing things that you hear about Naot shoes.  But try out your own pair—my bet is it won’t be long before you’ll want to add a second pair to your wardrobe, as well.

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