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Short Term Car Insurance

short term car insuranceIt isn’t cheap to be a car driver, everyone knows that. It was once. But now the escalating prices of pretty much everything have pushed prices through the roof. Have you ever thought just what you have to spend to keep your car on the road? Let’s try.
- Buy the car. If you are offered interest free credit and also yoyou can select a deal with nothing to pay for the first six months, you probably feel ok. But when you start to make payments you will feel the pinch more.
- Pay for gas. And this has tripled in price in ten years.
- Maintenance charges. Even if you buy a reliable car like a Saab or Honda, you will have to get work done from time to time.
- Replacement parts. Especially the tires, which when you get them replaced can cost you hundreds of dollars.
- Parking fees. Maybe you have a nice situation where you can park at home or work for free. But maybe you don’t. Parking fees mount up over the year.
- Get repairs done. If you are really unfortunate you might have a crash and need to get serious work done on your car.
- Pay road tax. Roads aren’t free, but sometimes the costs are hidden in our tax or in the price of gas. But we have to pay for them.
- Buy insurance. All drivers need to pay for car insurance, even if they are safe and don’t break the law. How can we save money on car insurance? Well, if you look into short term car insurance or young driver car insurance, you might get a good deal. There are good rates for young driver car insurance online, and short term car insurance can be offered by many companies.

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