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Should You Bother With Cheap Washable Rugs?

cheap washable rugsArea and entryway rugs are magnets for spills and dirt and often cannot be easily cleaned but must be spot treated or replaced when the inevitable occurs. You can find cheap washable rugs at most department or discount stores but are they worth wasting your time and money on?

A door mat or entryway rug is tramped on, stomped on, and exposed to all the elements. Dirt is scattered across it, mud is ground into it, and snow is left to melt on it; entryway rugs need to washed a lot. One school of thought for items that will be getting stepped on with dirty shoes is to buy cheap washable rugs that can be replaced without much wallet damage once they have been used up and over washed. However, you could also argue that purchasing a quality washable rug is a better investment because it will stand up to multiple washings better, look better, and last longer. For entryway rugs, the choice is simply a matter of personal preference.

For large area rugs, however, the choice is a little more important due to the increased expense of this type of rug. Placing cheap washable rugs in your under your coffee table or dining room table might be acceptable because the likelihood of spills and dirt tracking is high but placing a cheap carpet in your sophisticated parlor or dining room is almost unforgivable!

Many rugs can be treated so that stains do not set in immediately and can be spot treated even if they are too large or delicate to be thrown into the washing machine. In addition, if you purchase an expensive, rug, that requires professional cleaning you are probably not likely to allow food, drink, or shoes anywhere near the rug.
If the unthinkable wine or grape juice spill occurs, you should always have a spot or stain treating solution nearby so that you can spray the area immediately to reduce the damage.

Cheap washable rugs certainly have their place, especially in homes with children or pets, but you may find yourself replacing them more often than you would like.

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