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Sleep Apnea Dental Mouthpiece

sleep apnea dental mouthpieceSleep apnea is a disorder that occurs while people are sleeping. Interruption of breathing causes waking up during the night and depending on the severity of the disorders, person wakes up to several dozens of times. The consequences are sleep deprivation, daytime sleepiness, chronic fatigue, reduced performance and significantly reduced cognitive abilities. Besides above mentioned, there is a dramatically increased risk of heart attack, stroke and  developing diabetes.

Snoring remedies and sleep apnea help include mechanical devices called sleep apnea mouthpiece, CPAP device and medical procedure of removing excess tissue from the mouth (surgery). Sleep apnea mouthpiece is used only for mild forms of the disease. Sleep apnea mouthpiece cost varies from at least $25 and up. It may also be ordered from dentist who knows how to make sleep apnea dental mouthpiece, but it will cost way more. This device works by moving the lower jaw forward. In this way opens airways and person will now breathe normally during sleep.

The best solution for the sleep apnea is a change in lifestyle, in cases where the symptoms are mild. Change of your lifestyle will result in complete recovery.  Reducing weight and healthy diet, avoiding large meals before bedtime, avoiding alcohol and certain medications, smoking cessation, regular exercise, sleep on your side will result in termination of these symptoms.

People with severe symptoms need to seek medical help, if a physician determines that the symptoms are difficult, you will have to use mechanical devices overnight. At the same time, doctor will advise all of the above mentioned changes, because they are key to the final recuperation. Listening to your doctor’s advice, avoiding or complete cessation of activity that resulted in respiratory distress, carrying the recommended devices and generally healthier lifestyle will result in a complete recovery, even before you think it is possible.

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