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Solar Patio Lights

solar patio lightsPatios should be a place of peace and tranquility, not darkness and gloom. Unfortunately, this is exactly what patios can become when they are not lighted properly. The good news is that patios offer excellent light position selection, as they are multi-dimensional with many different areas. If you are looking for a single light to cover everything, consider looking into patio string lights. A string light uses no string at all, but instead has a long power cord which is flexible. A rubber coating on the cord creates protection from the elements, allowing the string light to be used outdoors.

The best aspect of a string light is the ability to be applied to all areas of a patio. For example, most patios have some sort of protective awning shade. A shade such as this can be augmented with string lights along the edges. Or, the string may be attached to the awning’s ceiling. Windows and doors serve as excellent mounting posts for the string patio light. With a few adhesive brackets or cup hooks, you can easily apply a string of lights to the entire border of the window or door.

Any type of tube, column, tree trunk or railing can be a good mounting spot. String lights can wrap around short-diameter structures with ease, creating light where you might not expect it. With this type of mounting, you usually do not need any mounting accessories. Hard to reach areas can be best paired with solar string lights. The solar patio lights require no direct linkage to a power supply, since they are powered by the sun through a solar panel. The only real requirement is that the mounting location be in a sunny spot.

String patio lights come in an array of colors, lengths and themes, all of which can bring joy to any patio.

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