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Some Helpful Instructions on How to Organize Your Office

organize your officeTo organize your office you need to prepare the following first; a filing tray, some file folders, a file cabinet, a trash can and some storage boxes. Once you are ready, you must now begin with the first step. First of all, you must focus your attention on the paper trail of your office. Do you see a lot of paper on your desk? Will you still need them in your work daily? If not, it would be best to discard them. If you strongly believe that they are still important and that you will need them in the future, compile them and place them in file folders and put them inside your drawer.

The next step that you need to take to get rid of the clutter is to file your paper documents according to importance. Remember the files you kept inside the folders in your drawer? Take them out again and arrange them according to your need. Place the files that you need in your daily work at the very top part and those with less importance must be placed at the bottom. If your drawer is already full and you have no more space for important documents, place these documents inside a filing tray so that they can still be within reach.

Once you are done doing this, now is the time to change the arrangement of your desk. Are there items such as staplers, pencils, sharpeners or other supplies which are on your desk but you don’t need to use daily? If so, then you must put them away from you. Only put the items related to your work on your desk. Another helpful tip that you can use to organize your office is by removing personal items which are just adding to the clutter on your desk. The lesser they are the better. Lastly, you must make it a point to dispose of useless items monthly. Doing so can help add up to your productivity and help you work better.

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