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Some Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lightingUsing outside lighting can have dramatic effects if used well. It can be stunning looking and it can be an important security addition to your house. The use of outdoor lighting is no longer confined to large luxury houses as lighting systems have become much cheaper. The range of  lighting units available has become huge and it’s now possible for most people to add outdoor lighting to their homes.

There are many types of outside lights available today and these may be split into two groups, outdoor house lights and outdoor garden lights.

Outdoor House Lights.

The old way of lighting the outside of the house has evolved with the availability of a huge range of lights. We used to go for the porch or entrance light stuck on the wall, commonly a lantern, and a bright flood -light at the back. Now by simply using some imagination we can transform both our homes and gardens with lighting.
Decorative outdoor lighting can be used to highlight the home – strategically positioned lights can show off the home and cast shadows, giving that wow appearance. Outside spot lights can be used in the same way, highlighting the doors or the name plate for example.

Outdoor Garden Lights

Today gardens are much more important to people and they are often treated as extensions to the home. Using decking, patios, pools and outdoor buildings is a great way to extend the home into the garden, creating more living space in the process. Clever use of the garden lights can link the house with the garden and greatly enhance both at the same time.

When undertaking any lighting plans you must always be aware of the danger of electricity, especially if being fitted to outside areas. The only lighting installations carried out yourself should be low voltage outdoor lighting and solar lighting. These are easy and safe to work with. For anything more complicated you should use a qualified electrician.

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