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Storing Jewelry in Jewelry Boxes

jewelry boxesJewelry boxes are a perfect choice to store jewelry in an organized manner. The containers enable you to protect your items from damages, theft, loosing luster or color.  Jewelry boxes are generally made of metal, plastic, paper or wood like mahogany, cherry, teak, oak etc. to easily complement the magnificent look of any ornament piece. Additionally, many jewelry boxes feature exceptional patterns along with gold or brass plated hinges and locks.  If you are looking for a luxurious box then one made of leather or another exotic material may be perfect for you.

Various types:

Wooden jewelry boxes – These are generally large size cases that comprise of more than two or three compartments, mirror and a lid on the top. The drawers hold adequate space to place a wide variety of jewelry pieces. Further, the interiors are lined with velvet or any soft fabric to prevent scratches or stains on the stored products. These are made of superior quality hardwoods and feature hand carvings that give it a unique and sophisticated look.  Wooden jewelry boxes are highly favored by experienced jewelry collectors and also enthusiasts.

Men’s jewelry boxes – These are commonly referred as valet boxes and are simple in design. Although simple these cases still provide a stylish and trendy appearance. These jewelry boxes are increasingly used by men to hold items like watch, money, cuff links, finger rings, and bracelet. Besides, these are compact in size and consist of less number of partitions.

Wall mounted jewelry boxes – These wall cabinets called “jewelry armoires” are exceptionally spacious with a range of shelves, trays and padded sections. This variety has a large mirror fitted on the doors that allow checking one’s appearance when trying out the jewelries. In addition, the cabinets have hooks that can be used to dangle long necklaces or bracelets.

Travel case – These storage items feature hard type outer shells that offer extreme protection to the jewels especially when travelling from place to place.  These are highly reliable items to keep ornaments in a safe and untangled manner. The containers are sold in varying sizes and can be suitably placed in a locker or underneath a desk.

Roll – This type of carrying case has a long pouch that falls flat on the surface when opened. The pouch has an array of pockets to stock jewels and other accessories. Further, it can be rolled in a tight cylindrical shape and joined with sturdy ties to keep the products in a secured position.

With different types of jewelry boxes available, it would however be ideal to purchase the containers from branded outlets at affordable rates.

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