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The Benefits Of Area Rugs

Area rugsMost people decorate their homes with furnishings that are both functional and decorative.  Area rugs, also referred to as throw rugs, are an attractive addition to any home or office setting.  They come in an assortment of patterns, colors, and sizes, so they are very versatile.  A small, two by three foot runner works nicely as a welcome mat placed by a front door or entryway for visitors to wipe off their shoes prior to entering a home or building.  It is for this reason that this smaller type of rug is made of rigid fibers.

Sometimes referred to as a “room size rug”, much larger area rugs may be as big as twenty feet by twenty feet.  They definitely add character to any room with hardwood flooring, and may even decrease the amount of energy that a home uses.  This kind of interior décor will also provide great levels of comfort and luxury by adding cushioning to the surface of any floor.  The total amount of cushioning that a rug provides depends on the kind of fiber used, the thickness of the weave, and whether or not there is extra backing on it.  Most area rugs have a rubber backing underneath them to provide additional padding and to help the rug affix to the floor easily and prevent sliding.

There are area rugs intended just for fun, as well.  Many of them come in unique shapes, including egg-shaped, circular, and semi-circular.  For example, a sphere-shaped rug that is lime green would create a cool retro look in a game room or at an arcade.  Multi-colored area rugs would generate a fun look in a child’s playroom, as well.  Area rugs definitely make any room look warm and inviting, whether it is in a home, an office, or a business.

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