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The Many Variations of a Good Margarita Recipe

margarita recipeIf you think that you’re limited only to the standard formulation of a margarita, well you better think again. A good margarita recipe will result in a smooth cocktail with lime overtones, but a few tweaks can make your margarita way above ordinary. The following are just some of the most popular margarita variations known today.

Fruit-based margaritas

Fruit based margaritas have grown in popularity as they tend to be sweeter than your standard concoction. It also lends a more balanced flavor since the sweetness of the fruit stabilizes the strong taste of the tequila or any other alcohol mixed into the cocktail. Some of the more popular fruits used in margaritas are watermelon, orange, blueberries, mango, cherries, strawberries, and raspberries.

Lime enhanced margaritas

Although freshly squeezed lime is a popular ingredient in any margarita, different types of limes may also be used to produce a range of distinctive flavors. In the United States for example, thick-skinned Persian lime is commonly used. Mexican limes, generally far bitterer and tarter than Persian limes, are used to create stronger margarita. If you are craving for a softer cocktail however, you may use lemons, especially Meyer lemons.

Top-shelf margaritas

Top shelf margaritas use tequila along with other alcohols to create a stronger formulation. Popular choices include Grand Marnier, brandy, and Amaretto. While Triple Sec is also added into the cocktail, a more premium grade tequila is normally used in a top-shelf margarita.

While margaritas are popular, other kinds of cocktails such as pina coladas are well-liked as well. You can make your own margarita by following a standard formulation or by making your own variation. A Pina colada recipe will also allow you to make this beloved cocktail for your home parties. With many varieties available on these popular cocktail drinks, you can always try to experiment and see how adventurous your taste buds can get.

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