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The New Yellow Sing A Ma Jigs

New Yellow Sing-A-Ma-JigsThe New Yellow Sing A Ma Jigs are one of the newer members in the sing a ma jig collection. This can be confusing for many people since there was previously a yellow version. That other yellow version still exists, but the New Yellow Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are another member of the collection that have all of the qualities you love from these toys, as well as new and unique features that will make it a favorite.

Just like all of the other toys in this collection, the big selling point is the ability of the New Yellow version to sing and talk. Since each colored toy has their own song to sing, the New Yellow sings, “This Little Light of Mine.” This is just a fun song to begin with, so when this toy starts singing it in its own unique language, you are going to have a lot of fun playing with it. Kids love to interact with singing and talking toys, which has been a major reason why this toy has become so popular.

This version also looks different then the previous Yellow Sing A Ma Jigs do.  The main color of this version is still yellow, but it has long pink hair that looks really neat. The hair is in a neat spiky hair style that has that punk look to it.  It also has a blue shirt that adds a major splash of color to the plain yellow. This shirt also has some different colored dots on it. It also has a pink mouth that is in the traditional circular shape that all of them have. It also has the traditional two arms and two legs and the same unique characteristics that they all have.

There are a lot of great toys in this collection, and I think the New Yellow Sing A Ma Jigs are going to fit in very well with this group. This will be a great addition to your current collection, or a great start to a new collection you are forming.

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