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The Value of Wireless Camera Surveillance

wireless camera surveillanceCamera Surveillance Systems

The value of surveillance cameras as the eyes of most security systems can not be overlooked.   Using them to protect your house is a move that will keep it safe from unwanted intrusion.  The cameras in most widespread usage are CCTV cameras.  These can be integrated into a closed-circuit television (CCTV) network.  The best protection usually comes from outdoor CCTV cameras.  To protect from the elements, an outdoor CCTV camera housing is required.

These systems can come wired or wireless.  The wired systems are best for reliable power and signal strength.  But, the wires can be easily cut by would-be thieves.  The wireless cameras are cheaper, smaller and have the advantage of not needing any physical connections to communicate to the network.  Because of this, it is usually wiser to install a wireless outdoor security camera whenever possible.  Many of the outdoor cameras come with infrared (IR) or night vision capabilities that integrate well into an outdoor wireless camera surveillance system.  The outdoor security cameras usually come with enclosures to protect them from the elements.

A super cool feature that is available in some models is that they come with an assignable IP address.  If one of these cameras is installed, the camera itself can be added as a device in your household computer network.  Under this scenario, the camera is the only piece of security equipment required.  The camera sends the video feed to the home network and devices on the network take care of all of the back-end functions.

The best thing about outdoor security cameras is that psychologically, their mere presence installs doubt into the criminal mind.  This fact is the reason that the fake surveillance camera devices are so successful. The nice thing about the fake cameras is that they cost less that the real cameras, maintenance is cheaper for them, and installation is relatively simple.

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