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Tips on Making Your Own Plastic Lanyard

Plastic LanyardA plastic lanyard is handy for keeping items you need close at hand around your neck, such as IDs or security badges, keys and whistles. While you can buy commercially-produced lanyards, wouldn’t it be more fun to make your own?

Craft Lanyards

To create your own plastic lanyard, you will need plastic lacing of various colors and lengths, lanyard clips and key rings. You can also use beads and small charms to accessorize the lanyard. To successfully lace a lanyard, you will need to master the basic box knot, from which you can learn more complicated stitches such as the diamond, the spiral or the zipper.

Tips on Successful Lacing

When first learning how to weave, practice with manageable lengths of around 20 inches for practice, before moving on to a full-fledged project. Make sure the laces are flat and don’t allow them to twist; if they do twist, undo the lacing up to that point and then start again.

Why You Should Have a Plastic Badge Holder

A badge holder can be made up with any materials. Some have magnets for easier attachment while others use pins, where safety is questionable especially for kids. But how about considering a plastic badge holder? Let’s talk about its advantages.

Using a plastic badge holder for your identification card can increase professionalism. Whatever materials they use for your ID, may it be a cardboard, plastic or metal, it will be much more presentable if you secure it with a badge holder. Because your ID is secured, the chances of misplacing and wasteful loses are minimized. For identifying different levels, you can use color coded badge holders for convenience and easier recognition. Now that you are armed of this information and how it can boost your image, own one now.

Storage and Organization

A plastic holder, especially one that is transparent, can be a handy means for storage.

Plastic is Low Maintenance

Transparent ones make finding what a person needs very easy. Some are intended to house specific items but others come in different sizes to accommodate a range of things. Because plastic is low maintenance, it would be very easy to clean and rearrange the items stored in them.

Different Ways of Using Holders

A plastic holder can be used for different rooms of the house. In a home office setup, these would be ideal for keeping the office supplies organized. In the bathroom, plastic storage can be perfect for toiletries considering the moist environment the room has. There are also those that are intended for keeping soaps, toothbrushes and toilet paper. In a vanity mirror, cosmetics would be easier to arrange by making use of storage with smaller compartment

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