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Triple Bunk Beds can be so much Fun

triple bunk bedsBunk Beds have been in and out of fashion for years. They have become casual though. What is interesting is however, the triple bunk beds that are still rare in many ways. Now the triple bunk beds can be highly useful to some people and can be of different types. They may be either all beds or may include of two beds and one play area/storage compartment. This can prove extremely useful for larger families with not a lot of spacious rooms. Triple bunk beds make a lot of space in the room for other things and align the beds to one unit which proves very helpful in terms of space. Here are a few samples:

Handcrafted Paul Bunyan Triple Decker Bunk Bed

This is a simple custom made triple bunk bed that has three beds on top of each other. There built is strong and sturdy. They can be made in solid pink or red oak according to your wish. They may be stained any color on customers request moreover. You can find them for a price as affordable as $745.

Lea Deer Run Triple Bunk Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Set

This is an elegant design that comes in dark wood color and features two single beds on top and one double bed at the base. Both the upper beds have their own ladders and they have to be bought for a little more money. This set is for $2,200 at the

The Abbyville Triple Bunk Bed Playhouse

These triple bunk beds are entirely for girls and are spectacular things to look at. It is like a playing kingdom with three beds and still enough room for play area. You can get this bed from at a price of $4,595. This is not so affordable for some but the reason for the price will be very clear once you have set your eyes on this magnificent thing.

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