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Unique Business Card Designs

Unique Business Cards can help you nail that first impression. You hear a lot that the first impression is the most important chance to win over that potential client.  Well that may be true, however what it important is the client remembering your business over the competition.  How about a unique business card design that can highlight your business brand and help you gain that better first impression from you potential clients.

There are several different types of unique business cards; Plastic, Transparent, Simple, Minimalist, Embossed, Metal and everything in between.

Plastic and transparent business cards are gaining popularity these days.  The wow factor for these types of business cards are obvious.  These cards are made from plastic, which can be any color you choose.  The design itself can be extreme to simple.  Just imagine the conversation sparked from this type of business card.  Now of course these cards are more expensive, however it will definitely set your business apart from you competition.

Plastic Business Card

Simple and Minimalist business cards tend to be one solid color with the contact information.  I would say, these types of business cards get straight to the point.  This is a great approach if your looking for a clean and concise  business card.  The cost associated with this type of business card should be about that same as a regular business card or not much more.

Embossed business cards tend to give people a deep impression, due to the 3D impression or texture of the business card. Embossed business cards have a special design or text that is raised or indented in the card itself.  This raised or indented area give the business card the simple 3D impression or effect.

Metal business cards are made out of some type of metal,  most often stainless steel.  These are the most expensive type of business card, but can often give the most positive impression.  These types of business cards can be etched your contact information or even laser cut.

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