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Using Email Client Reports To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

One of the most powerful features of Email Marketing is opposed to other forms of direct marketing is that it allows you to really zero in on your market. By tracking the demographics and behaviors of your subscribers, you can personalize your messages and create conditional content that targets each subscriber as an individual. In this article we’ll explore an important but under-utilized metric for judging user behavior, and that is which email client they are using to view your messages.

There are substantial variations in the way that different email clients will render the exact same HTML code. This means that your beautiful email designs may not look the way they’re supposed to, depending on which email client is being used to view them. You’ll also find that some email clients display a small text snippet of the message, or display the message primarily within a thin preview pane.

It is also useful to know which email clients your subscribers are using because it can help you understand their characteristic attitudes toward technology. If you look at your email client reports and see that most of your recipients are using Gmail, then you can probably assume that they are somewhat younger and more technologically savvy than the average business crowd.

Finally, email client reports can tell you a lot of important facts about your subscribers’ reading habits. The way that people approach and read your email messages will certainly affect the ways that they interact with them. For example, more and more people are reading marketing messages on their mobile devices. If you take a moment to think about the implications of this, you’ll see that they are substantial.

In this article, you’ve seen how email client reporting can be invaluable in helping you to understand the relationship that your subscribers have to your messages. If helps you to gain insight into the ways that your messages are being consumed, so you will be better able to deliver your content in a way that will likely be seen as you would prefer it to be seen.

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