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Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

wall mounted bottle openerYou frequently entertain house guests or host parties, a wall mounted bottle opener may be an accessory worth considering. It can go into any room where you entertain guests, and it serves a functional purpose. There is no way to lose beer bottle openers when they are mounted to a wall. Also, they make for good party conversation.

How to feature a wall mounted opener depends on the opener itself. Some or designed to hide the main function, while others are made to call attention to the bottle opener. The same is true for wall mounted wine bottle opener.

Typically, you might think this these openers are best suited for a home bar. However, they are easy to move. Many are not fastened into the drywall itself, but rather hang like a picture. So, if you are hosting a party in a room that normally does not see guests, you can temporarily move the wine or bottle opener to the nearest wall, and then move it back once the festivities are over with.

The need for the opener also depends on the beverages served. Not all beer bottles need an opener. A large number of American domestic beers feature screw caps. A number of bargain brand wines do, as well. Plus, wine bottles can also be tricky. A bad cork can ruin the wine drinking experience if the cork crumbles on the way out. A good opener should remove the whole cork intact every time. Still, some people love to use openers, even if they do not have to. The action itself is just part of the fun of a party.

Wall mounted bottle openers also are good casual gifts for small occasions. Naturally, they wouldn’t be something to give on Christmas or birthdays. However, if you are visiting friends, they do make for good housewarming presents.

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